Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

A few tips and reminders about Soviet Cooking

Formulation of food produced, created by experienced master chefs and repeatedly checked. But even the precise execution of the recipe prescribed by their technology and layout of products by itself can not lead to a complete "gastronomic" success to the fact that the dish was said to the cook, "brought up the taste," if you do not use, do not apply with due skill taste.

Good freshly cooked - so give it the most characteristic inherent only to him, for him the best flavor and aroma. This is achieved by repeated Tasting, refinement refueling, timely and correct setting of readiness.

"Bringing to taste" - one of the most delicate cooking processes. Here, most clearly reveals the art of the cook, the characteristic "handwriting", which is easy to distinguish the wizard. Master chef to quickly and accurately determine the advantages and disadvantages prepares meals and often adding the dish just a few hundredths of a gram of some of the condiments, eliminates the fault and successfully completes the process of cooking.

As with any art, cooking does not involve depersonalization personality wizard, on the contrary, it gives a wide scope for the manifestation of his refined taste, a deep knowledge of the products, the ability to solve complex problems of their cooking.

Soviet Cooking | Almost forgotten recipes | 1955 Edition

Among these complex and important tasks applies the correct use of dietary fat. It is of great importance for the economy catering, and for the nutritional and taste of meals and snacks.

Previously, it should be reasonable to adjust the fat content of food, bearing in mind that as the body of harmful excess fat, and the lack of it and that, in addition, an excess or lack of normal fat spoils the taste of dishes.

Similarly, it is clear to everyone that the taste of the dish crucially depends on what exactly it is cooked fat. Cook required to accurately understand all the advantages, disadvantages, as well as features in the taste of the variety of fat, in particular, its culinary use.

Special care, attention and moderation are necessary when administered in dish spice n spice seasoning.

No product does not require such careful dosage of the flavoring compliance with the dish is prepared, as the herbs and spices.

The tastier and more tender product, the better, its appetizing aroma, more cautious and thinner it is necessary to fill the less spice it requires.

Do not use the maximum amount of vinegar, if the dish includes other products with natural acid, such as sauerkraut, tomato puree or fresh tomatoes, plum, sour apples, dry grape wine.

Tasting specialties, which include pickled mushrooms, cucumbers, capers, olives, bacon, bacon, a skilled cook, if they will add salt, then very carefully and in small doses.

Repeated testing is prepared food - one of the essential skills of chefs still "because the various elements of the cooking process associated with the respective processing operations products.

In the manufacture of boiled pike number of spices should be increased, since this fish is often inherent in some muddy taste. To prepare the steam sturgeon, on the contrary, the amount of spices should be minimal, as the sturgeon have such a delicate taste and pleasant smell that no herbs and spices should not drown them.

Experienced cooks sometimes use the expression "a hint of garlic", ie. E. Have in mind is the minimum amount of garlic to flavor it was barely noticeable and blends in well with the whole bouquet of aromatic dishes.

A skilled chef, for example, knows that in some salads should put grated garlic a slice of rye bread is not to her eating, but in order to give the salad barely perceptible, subtle smell of garlic, it is "a hint of garlic", for which a grated garlic crust is put not on top of the salad, and at its base, and by holding long, are removed.

For the master chef is extremely important skill to subtly understand such complex sensations like flavor matching dishes, products, a clear understanding of, for example, that a piece of lemon is fed to salmon, not only to mitigate the taste of fat, but mostly for the destruction in the mouth pretty the strong flavor of the fish after it stopped there before moving on to other snacks.
The most important elements of the cooking process is not only timely establishment of ready meals, but its attractive design and proper transfer of the holiday.
The recipes published in this book, you can often find indications of the duration of the individual processes of heat treatment, at least provide guidance on the time required for preparation of all meals. These instructions are given with a note of possible fluctuations of duration of heat treatment, since it is necessary to consider all the day to day specific characteristics and properties of the resulting products.

Soviet Cooking | Almost forgotten recipes | 1955 Edition

It is known, for example, that the same piece of meat of various animals, even though the same species may differ different quality fabrics, and early vegetables require less prolonged heat treatment than the late-ripening vegetables.

Despite the tenderness and softness, veal to identify all of its taste should be well roasted, while some beef dishes are tasty and juicy in the form of half-roasted (roast beef, steak).

Two - three extra minutes of roasting beef liver spoil its taste, making the liver harder and drier.

One of the most basic rules of modern cooking - not digest and not overcook food, as too long, excessive heat treatment not only worsens, spoils the taste of the dish, but reduces its nutritional value, it changes the texture and attractive appearance.
Science has established a number of rules that preserves the nutrients in food processing. It is essential that these rules are respected in all catering establishments.
Cooking requires very great diligence, care, accuracy, clarity, order. This is especially because the taste of food, drink, snacks often depends on subtle, little tangible, details; that is why there are no trifles in cooking.
Experienced cooks, for example, know that it is not so easy to brew good tea. In particular, it is known that tea is very receptive to foreign tastes and odors, and therefore, is not indifferent to what kind of spoon used in its brewing, as if a strange smell spoon, she tells him the drink.

Masterfully developed the ability to accurately perceive and memorize the details and nuances of taste tones, perceptions and feelings - is the most important and characteristic of the art of cooking.

Not only must strictly follow the dosage, but correctly, in time to determine the readiness of dishes, immediately submit it to the consumer, as is often the taste of foods it deteriorates during the short storage.

Meat, fried portions, natural or stuffed patties from poultry or game and many other dishes have the best taste in a few minutes after they are cooked.

An important role is also played by the temperature of food when it is served. You can not supply enough hot meal to the consumer or cold enough. Equally tasteless and fatty cold soup and hot fruit compote.
Skilled chefs often say that sooner than like our mouth, the dish should caress our eyes.
Appearance foods should cause appetite - this is the main task execution. Well, beautifully decorated dish decorates the table, but in this case should be observed sense of proportion. However, in cooking sense of proportion and taste in general it is extremely important, it settles it.

We must not forget that the art of cooking is the art of cooking is not only tasty and healthy, but also attractive presentation of food that satisfies the human need for nutrients it needs for its life and normal, proper development.