Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

A few words about the project Soviet Cooking

It so happened that I found in the attic of an old book on cooking. It was the Soviet collection of recipes and tips on cooking, (curated by the Ministry of Food Industry of the USSR), which was published in the mid-1950s. The total circulation of the book amounted to more than a million copies.
The book talks about the basics of nutrition, were presented information on food products, produced in the USSR, were given recipes of various dishes. Today "Cooking" with the" Book of Tasty and Healthy Food" is often viewed as the canonical character of Soviet propaganda: a range of products described in this book, it was almost impossible to find in stores. The weight of the book "Cooking" edition in 1955 (960 pp., Hardcover) is 3.11 kg.

Soviet cooking

I decided to digitize the book and make a blog on this topic.
Here are recipes for soups, cereals, meat dishes, appetizers, salads and more, as well as recipes of national dishes of the USSR.

As you know at that time (1955) a photo in the USSR was not very good, so publishers do not bother about photos of finished dishes.
Nevertheless, I hope, some interesting illustrations are sure to appear.

So if you're interested, then welcome.