Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

About Recipes and layout in Soviet Cooking

The recipes are detailed instructions on how to prepare various dishes. Fulfilling printed recipes here and confidently relying on them, the cook must keep in mind that the mere mechanical performance of even the perfectly crafted recipe may not give adequate success. To the dish was perfectly cooked, the cook has to show his taste, his skill.
The layouts accompanying recipes of this publication, and given a set number of products in grams net weight (net) on one portion or 1 kg, or 100 pieces of finished products.
Cook-author, making recipe came from the inherent product of their average properties and qualities, and cook at a public catering will be dealing with products which can be very small, even more difficult to measure, but to cook significant changes in these secondary properties and qualities .

No recipe can not warn the chef of that received by the kitchen products are, for example, barely visible, under the standard is quite acceptable, but for the taste sensations is still significant variation in the direction of greater or lesser salinity, acidity, sugar content, and so on. N. No devices are available in the kitchen did not register. It can only observe and take into account the chef, good taste and smell which tell us how it is necessary to prepare these products.

Therefore, no matter how great, and no exact recipe has been proposed for execution, without development, good taste or cook one dish may not be well cooked. This is the most important, what the book has to say "Cooking" your readers - cooks over printed in her recipes and layouts.

Defending scientific and hygienic basics of food, stressing the need for skilled technical and scientific management, rigorous and precise technological mode, high technical culture in the catering, the book "Cooking" at the same time appealing to the taste, to the professional skills of the chefs; purpose of the book - to help the development of this skill, to help further the growth of our culinary art.

Soviet Cooking | Almost forgotten recipes | 1955 Edition

The book "Cooking" is designed for the use of it for a number of years, so its authors - chefs in preparing recipes and apportions them proceeded from the assumption that our catering every quarter of each new year will get more rich assortment of various food products, which will continuously improve the menu of restaurants, cafeterias and snack bars.

This publication is a fairly large selection of recipes, giving ample opportunity to find the right recipe for the kind of product that are available to cook. We recommend therefore be avoided as a replacement product and a significant change in their dosage. And if cooking offers recipes for some of the product is not enough, then it is better not to replace this product to others, not to reduce the dosage and select a different recipe and cook the dish for which you have everything you need. Yet if there is a need to replace the products, you can replace only those products which are not introduce radical changes in the taste and nutritional advantages dishes.