Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Rice pudding and casserole

Rice pudding and casserole

Rice pudding and casserole

Baked rice pudding

160 cooked porridge, eggs or melange 20, 15 sugar, 10 raisins, candied fruits 10, 10 butter, 5 crackers, 5 sour cream, vanilla 0,02, sauce 75 or jam 30.

Pre-ready viscous porridge to cool to 60-70°C, and then mix it with egg yolks, mashed with sugar, add purified from the twigs and washed the raisins, candied fruit, chopped into small pieces, and vanilla. In a thoroughly mixed mass, add whipped egg whites. Instead of eggs you can use egg melange, which also mix with sugar and beat until then, until the foam is formed.
Before whisking the dishes with a mixture put it into the hot water (40-45°C); the heated mixture is shaken up much faster. Thereafter the mass is spread out evenly on greased with butter and sprinkled with ground breadcrumbs a baking sheet. The surface of the pudding to align, brush with egg, mixed with sour cream, milk or cream, and bake.
Pudding bake individual portions in the metal molds.
The finished pudding cut into portions, put on a heated platter and pour hot sauce (fruit-berry or milk-sweet), jam or butter. The sauce for the pudding can be submitted in a saucepan.

Rice casserole with cottage cheese

60 rice, raisins 20, 40 cottage cheese, 10 eggs, 15 sugar, vanilla 0.02, 5 melted butter, 5 crackers, sour cream 35 or a fruit sauce 75.

Cook crumbly rice porridge with raisins. In cooled to 60-70°C porridge add mashed cottage cheese, whipped with sugar fluffy foam eggs, vanilla, dissolved in a small amount of hot water, all mixed gently.
The prepared mass to spread out a layer of 2-2.5 cm on the portion of the pan a la carte or layer is not more than 3.5 cm on a baking sheet, pre-grease with melted butter and sprinkled with ground bread crumbs; the surface of the mass to lubricate the egg mixture with sour cream. Bake in the oven until then, until the upper and lower sides of the casserole is not formed a crispy crust.
Serve hot with butter, sour cream or a fruit sauce.


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