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Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Pilaf with pimiento pepper

Pilaf with pimiento pepper

Pilaf with pimiento pepper
Rice 100, 210 broth or water, vegetable oil 30, peppers and tomatoes for 50, 25 onions, greens.

Rice wash quickly in hot water and immediately drain in a colander. When the water is completely drained, sprinkle the rice on a baking sheet with a layer no more than 2 cm and dry it in the oven.
Then pour the rice to vegetable oil and, stirring occasionally, fry until then the rice acquires a yellow color.
Toasted rice cool slightly, then pour in boiling salted beef broth or water and cook at low boil in a sealed container.
After the porridge starts to thicken, at the moment when the liquid is almost completely absorbed by the rice is, add chopped into small pieces of pimiento sweet peppers (without seeds), browned chopped onions and slices of medium-sized tomatoes. All gently stir, close the lid and put the dish for 40-50 minutes in the frying or steam cabinet. When serving sprinkle pilaf with herbs.
Pilaf can also be prepared with canned pepper and fresh tomatoes to replace the appropriate amount of tomato paste or tomato puree.


  1. I am hopefully growing pimento peppers if they survive some cats that seem to have it out for them. Looking for more recipes using them other than pimento cheese sandwiches since my little one is lactose intolerant. Definitely looking forward to trying this.

  2. We eat a lot of rice and I love finding new recipe's like this! Sounds delicious!


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