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Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Beans recipes

Beans recipes

Beans recipes

Beans croquets

Beans 100, roots and onions 5, 40 eggs, milk sauce 50, white bread 20, 8 flour, oil for frying 15, 75 sauce or sour cream 30, pepper, parsley 10.
Beans boiled in water with roots and onions. Then, drain the broth, pass it through a wiper machine, and if it is a little - rub through a sieve. In the cooked puree add the hot thick milk sauce, raw egg yolks, salt, pepper and mix well. Cut the mass on the balls (croquets) the size of a walnut, which are breaded in flour first, and then moisten in egg white, again breaded in crumbs of white bread. Fry the croquettes in oil, heated to 170-180° (deep-fried), and then remove them from the fat with a slotted spoon to paper towel and drain off excess fat. Then warm up in the oven.
When submitting put hot croquettes on a plate or platter covered with paper towel and decorate with chopped parsley, deep fried. Separately in a gravy boat submit tomato sauce, red wine, sour cream or yogurt. The croquettes can also be used as a side dish with grilled meat, poultry and wildfowl.

Beans vol-au-vent with mushrooms

100 beans, eggs 20, 30 bacon, mushrooms 75, tongue or ham 20, 30 sauce, butter and lard for 5, 10 cheese, 10 roots and onions, pepper.
Boil white beans in water with onions and roots until tender, drain the broth and skip the hot together with roots and onions through the wiper machine or rub through a sieve. To this puree add the with salt, pepper, raw egg yolk and mix well. At the a la carte dish or pan, put two thin, wide slices of smoked bacon cooked without skin. Puree beans to put in a pastry bag with a tapered metal tube at the end and release it on each slice of bacon, so to get the oval boxes; boxes filled with minced mushrooms and cooked ham or roast beef, sprinkle with grated cheese, pour the melted butter and bake in the ovens to form on the surface of golden brown. To prepare the stuffing of porcini mushrooms or champignon and boiled salty the tongue or low fat ham, diced (7-8 mm), fry in melted lard, add the red sauce and to boil.
Vol-au-vent serve in the same dish in which they are baked.

Beans with braised beets

50 beans, beets 80, 5 vegetable oil, 3 vinegar 9%, sour-cream sauce with onions 75, greens.
Raw red beets clean, cut into cubes about the size of 8-10 mm, put in a bowl, add melted butter and water (0.1 l water per 1 kg beet), cover and simmer until beets are tender. In prepared beets add a little vinegar to the color of her became brighter, and stir. The beans are cooked, drain the broth, mix beans with braised beets and season the mixture with sour cream sauce with onions. When serving, put on a plate or in a porcelain bowl, sprinkle with parsley or dill.

Beans with apples

100 beans, fresh apples 50, melted butter 10, sugar 10, flour 4, 50 sauce, pepper.
Fresh sour apples washed, cut lengthwise into quarters, remove the seeds, cut into thin slices and cook with melted butter and sugar. Cook the beans in water and drain the broth. This broth and flour, fry in butter, cook the sauce of medium thickness, season it to taste with salt and pepper. Then the beans, sauce and apples combine, mix and cook together for 10-15 minutes. Serve hot. Separately to this dish can be fed into a gravy boat rusks sauce.
To make it, melt the butter, add the toasted bread crumbs, citric acid or lemon juice, salt and stir.


  1. Simple and sensational Beans recipes. Interesting way of listing all the ingredients. What's your unit of measurements?

    1. Thank you for visiting and commented :)
      The layouts accompanying recipes of this publication, and given a set number of products in grams net weight (net) on one portion or 1 kg, or 100 pieces of finished products.
      Tab 'ABOUT' in top bar :)

  2. We love making bean meals, as they are healthy and great when you are on a budget.

  3. Thanks for sharing all these recipes. The apple one sounds amazing! Beans are a good filling food that isn't super expensive but without ways to mix it up they can get old.

  4. The beans with apples sounds interesting! I would love to give it a try.

    - Cait |

  5. Beans are a great way to stretch your budget, especially if you can't afford a lot of meat.


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