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Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Wild strawberry cream

Wild strawberry cream

Wild strawberry cream
12 wild strawberries, cream 40, sugar 15, milk 20, 9 eggs, 2 of gelatin;
For the syrup: 5 wine, sugar 10, water 15.

Strawberries bust, rinse with cold water, and then RUB through a sieve. The resulting puree put in a porcelain or earthenware dishes and place in the cold.

Whipped cream combine with crushed strawberries, stir well, and then at continuous stirring pour in the cooled egg-milk mixture with gelatin, quickly pour the cream into molds and place in the refrigerator.
Cream other fresh berries (raspberry or blackcurrant) prepared in the same manner.
When applying the cream to pour the berry syrup.
To prepare the syrup prepared berries to wipe, to enter in the hot sugar syrup with wine and chill.

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  1. Great recipe! When I was younger I loved to walk around and search for these strawberries. They are the best! :)


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