Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Drinks from wild-growing greens

Drinks from wild-growing greens

Drinks from wild-growing greens

For the preparation of herbal beverage fits any grass, it has a pleasant taste and aroma. Included in the grassy teas fruit, especially citrus fruits, obtained extremely helpful, pleasant drink. They tone up your body, quench thirst, increase vitality. They are natural, and this is their great superiority in relation to the store-bought canned drinks.

Clover with cinnamon and ginger 

100g clover heads, 2 tbs. sugar, cinnamon, ginger to taste (pinch), 0.5 liters of water.
The heads of clover, ginger, cinnamon, stir and pour boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes over very low heat. Cool and add sugar. Give the drink a brew for 2 hours. Drink chilled.

Clover with honey and currant juice

200g clover heads, sugar, honey, allspice, currant juice, 1 liter of water
Very rich drink is obtained from red clover honey and currant juice.
In 1 liter of boiled 200g clover 3-5 minutes. Add sugar, honey, cloves, wrap and let stand for 2 hours. Then strain and add currant juice. All supplements do on your own taste. Currant should not get involved in large doses, it can kill the flavor and taste of the other ingredients.

Cowberry water

Cowberry 150g, sugar 100g, 1 liter of water.
Clean berry cowberries mash and squeeze the juice. Husks pour water and boiled for 5-7 minutes, then cooled, filtered, and added sugar pressed juice. Drink chilled.

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  1. All of these combos sound so good. I have to try the clover with cinnamon and ginger. YUM!


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