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Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Weekend cocktails

Weekend cocktails

Weekend coctails
Coctail 'Moscow'
Tincture bitter juniper 25, "Southern" liquor 10 (liqueur flavored with orange, you can replace the liqueur "Cointreau" or "Triple Sec"), 5 lemon juice, cherry liqueur 10, liquor flavored 5, 5 canned fruit, ice 15.

Cocktail 'Metropolitan'
Vodka "Stolichnaya" 50, Liquor "Southern" 15, 5 balm, fruit canned 5, 0.1 lemon peel, ice 25.

Cocktail 'Hello'
Liqueur "Chartreuse" 40, 40 cognac, lemon juice 5, 5 fruits canned, ice 10.
Cocktails are prepared in a shaker with ice, the technology described in this recipe. When serving add fruit.


  1. If I add fruit that means it is healthy for me and I can drink or eat more correct.

    1. Absolutely right, but better more drink, than eat :)

  2. The Cocktail Moscow looks yummy! I'll bet the cherry, lemon and orange go really well together.


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