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Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Russian layer pie 'Kurnik'

Russian layer pie 'Kurnik'

Russian layer pie 'Kurnik'
For the dough: 225 flour, butter 150, melange 20, 1 citric acid, salt 2.2, water 110, dough output 500; For pancakes: flour 40, sugar 2, eggs 10, 100 milk, melted butter 2, salt 0.4, pancakes output 100; For the stuffing: 450 chicken, rooster scallops 30, rice 60, 65 eggs, mushrooms fresh porcini 150, 50 butter, parsley and dill 10, 6 salt, black pepper 0.2; minced output 520; melange for lubrication 10. Output 1 kg of product.

Puff fresh dough roll out the layer thickness of 5-6 mm and cut from it two large tortillas of different diameter (a diameter of about 25 cm, the other - 35 cm).
On the tortillas smaller folded pancake made from unleavened dough, put it minced chicken, mushrooms and rice.
Minced stacked layers, shifting each thin pancakes made from unleavened dough. 
The edge of the bottom tortillas grease egg, then cover with a pile of minced meat, arrangements of pancakes, the second pie, which is tightly pressed against the edge of the bottom pie. The surface of the pie grease with egg, decorate the various figures, carved from thin dough, again lubricate the egg and bake.
Minced prepared as follows: the pulp cooked chicken cut into slices and season with butter; crumbly rice porridge to fill the oil and add the chopped hard-boiled eggs, greens; fresh mushrooms, sliced and fried in butter, mixed with rooster scallops, stewed and sliced; fill with pepper.
Kurnik cook weighing not less than 500 g and fed a whole 4-5 or portions of 100-150 g.

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