Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Lulah Kebab

Lulah Kebab

Lulah Kebab
Mutton 200, fat-tailed 10, 15 onions, green onions 25, barberry 2, lemon 1/6 pcs., 90 Flour on pita bread, pepper, herbs.

Pulp lamb without tendons to miss 2-3 times through a meat grinder together with the sheep's tail fat, add chopped raw onion, salt, pepper and lemon juice or citric acid dissolved in water, barberry.
The resulting mass stir well and let stand on ice for 2-3 hours (pickle), then molded from her short sausages in the form of meat sausages 2 pcs. per serving.
Wear sausages on skewers (a skewer) and fry on the grill over the coals. When applying the product to remove the skewer, wrapped in a thin flat cake made of wheat flour (pita bread), put on a dish or plate.

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