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Kulebyaka of puff pastry

Kulebyaka of puff pastry

Kulebyaka of puff pastry
For the dough: 300 flour, margarine table 200, melange 25, citric acid 0.4, 4 salt, water 120; dough output 630, mince 530, melange for lubrication kulebyaka 10. Output 1000, weight portion 100 or 150.

Roll out the dough to a uniform layer 0.5 cm thick and cut out of it an elongated rectangular strip width 13-15 cm and length of the sheet. dough strip placed on moistened with cold water sheet, and in the middle of a full-length put the stuffing.
Stuffing covered with another dough strip, which should be slightly wider than the first, that without stretching the dough, it could cover the mince and the lower edge of the dough layer, pre-lubricated eggs.
The top layer of dough tightly pressed to the mince and edges of the lower layer, giving pie flat throughout the length of the form. Cut off the excess from the edges of the dough, grease the pie with eggs and place thin strips or different shapes (half moons, stars, and so forth.), cut from the same dough.
Then again lubricate the egg pie, its surface is pierced in several places (to steam during baking out) and bake.
Kulebyaka can be prepared with two or three types of mince placing them one over the other layers.

For example, in the upper and lower layers of the put boiled rice mixed with 'viziga' (dried spinal chord of cartilaginous fish) or eggs, and in the middle between them - boiled fish, cut into thin slices; or crumbly boiled rice put a layer of hard-boiled eggs, cut into slices, and top - minced meat.
To the bottom layer of dough on the inside in the finished pie does not get wet, at first you need to put the dough less moist stuffing, and more juicy on it - meat, fish, mushrooms, dressed with sauce.
With the same purpose on the dough and a stuffing on top of it, you can put a very thin pancakes, baked from unleavened dough. 
Pancakes are placed also between the toppings, so they are not mixed together during the molding and cutting into portions of finished kulebyaka.

Before serving, slice the Kulebyaka into pieces.

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