Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Hare stewed in a pot

Hare stewed in a pot

Hare stewed in a pot
Hare 150, 25 onions, lard 5, sour cream 100, rye flour for the dough 10, 150 garnish, black and fragrant pepper.

Purified carcass of a young hare cut into pieces, 3-4 pieces per serving, salt and pickling are not put in the a la carte pots. Add whole head of roasted  seedlings onions with fat, black and fragrant pepper, pour the sour cream and heat on the stove to boil cream.
After that, close the pots caps to cover the grooves fresh dough and put in the broiler for about 1.5 hours. Before serving, cover the dough with the sides of the pot and clean off.
Serve with any crumbly porridge or fried potatoes.
You can also cook hare in the pot and no sour cream, bay before stewed his meat red sauce with the addition of dry wine (75 g of sauce and 40 g per serving of wine).

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