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Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Cutlets from minced rabbit

Cutlets from minced rabbit

Cutlets from minced rabbit
Rabbit (the pulp) 75, 7 lard, bacon 8, 8 butter, white bread 18, 25 milk, 10 biscuits, eggs 8, garnish 150, cucumbers or tomatoes 75.

The treated rabbit carcass rinse the meat separated from the bones. In order to not fall into the meat bone fragments, you should not cut through bone before separating pulp.
Cut slices of raw inner lard or bacon and rabbit meat mince, then add soaked in milk or water, wheat (without crusts), bread, salt, pepper, stir and again through a meat grinder (you can add a raw egg).
From the mass formed into —Āutlets and fry them in a pan or baking sheet with fat. Ready cutlets pour butter and serve with any vegetable garnish, boiled potatoes, fried or mashed potatoes.
In addition to the cutlets can be submitted cucumbers, tomatoes, green salad, dressed with oil and vinegar or sour cream.

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  1. Wonderful rabbit recipe. We raise rabbits so this is perfect.


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