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Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Cocktails fairytales

Cocktails fairytales

Cocktails fairytales
Cocktail 'Riddle'
Vermouth 30, cognac 30, 20 liquor orange, lemon juice 5, 5 canned fruit, ice 10.
Prepared in a shaker.

Cocktail 'Lighthouse'
Liqueur "Chartreuse" 20, 20 cognac, eggs (yolks) 15.
In a short pour liquor, add egg yolk dietary and carefully pour the cognac, egg yolk must be a whole form. Cocktails three colors: green (liquor), yellow (egg yolk), brown - cognac.

Cocktail 'In flight'
Soviet Champagne 55, tincture ashberry on cognac 30, liquor "Vanilla" 10, 10 fruits canned, ice 20.
To make this cocktail in a glass or wine glass should be put edible ice, then pour in the lemon juice, sugar syrup, tincture, liquor, referred to in layouts, and mix well with a spoon. After that, put the canned fruit.

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  1. If a person was having a party these would be a huge hit.


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