Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Carrot-apple baked cutlets

Carrot-apple baked cutlets

Carrot-apple baked cutlets
200 Carrots, apples 50, 15 semolina, sour cream 25% 20, 50 milk, salt 2. Exit 240. Protein 5, 7 fat, carbohydrates 34; 225 calories.

The treated carrots chop sticks, simmered in milk, add the semolina, stir well and bring to thicken.
Peeled chopped apples mixed with the prepared mass. Form a cutlets and bake in the ovens. When serving pour sour cream.
Recommended recovering, pregnant women with hypertension (without salt), baby food.
You can cook cutlets made from pumpkin.

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