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Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Canned peaches jelly

Canned peaches jelly

Canned peaches jelly
Canned peaches 50, 40 peach syrup, sugar 5, 3 gelatin, citric acid 0.1.

Peaches cut into thin slices. Canned peaches syrup diluted with water, add sugar to it, then is heated to boiling, combine with gelatin, citric acid, enter, and then filtered.
The prepared mixture is poured into molds and 1-1,5sm layer to harden. On top of the jelly nice place slices of peaches, pour them in the same layer of the mixture and, after a second layer of jelly hardens, fill the molds with a mixture of the top, then well cooled.
To improve the palatability of jelly you can add a small amount of pink muscat or port (about '15 per serving).

This gel can be prepared from any of the canned fruit.


  1. Canning is a huge part of our be self sufficient and eating better. Love canning jams and jellies.

  2. I have never canned but I really want to try!

  3. Klausssssss! Hi =] You already know I love food and this jelly sounds soooo good. And the fact that they're peaches is making me 10,000 times hungry for them!!!!


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