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Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Herring in tomato sauce with cucumbers

Herring in tomato sauce with cucumbers

Herring in tomato sauce with cucumbers
Fish 125, 30 pickles, tomato puree 15 or 75 fresh tomatoes, broth 100, 5 wheat flour, butter 10, 150 garnish.

Portions of fresh herring fillets with skin, without bones lay a single layer in a greased skillet, add pickles, cut into thin slices, tomato puree or fresh tomatoes without skin and seeds, cut into small pieces. All this pour fish broth at half the height of the pieces of fish and closing bowl cover turned up at low boil for 25-30 minutes.
Prepare fish to pass into another bowl, or carefully drain the dishes with fish broth and cook the sauce on it. To do this, heat the broth to a boil, put it into small pieces with the flour mixture and butter, stirring, boil until thick.
This sauce season to taste with salt, pepper, butter and strain it into a bowl with the fish.

Fish sauce-drenched, you need to warm up to a boil.

When serving put a piece of fish on a dish or a plate together with cucumbers, pour the sauce and sprinkle with parsley. Garnish - boiled potatoes - to put next to the fish.


  1. All I need to get is some fresh herring, everything I have on hand.

  2. I could never do the herring thing. But, your recipe makes me wonder if I should give it a go. It just doesn't taste good to m e.

  3. This recipe sounds really good! I will just have to get my husband to do the cooking because I don't think I could prepare fresh fish.

  4. Can I change it to sardines instead? Will it taste good too?

    1. Of course! All you want, feel absolutely free. However, the sardine itself is not that fatty fish :) My opinion

  5. You always create such interesting and unique dishes. I would never think to eat herring with tomatoes. =) Yum!


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