Soviet Cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Hare fried in breadcrumbs

Hare fried in breadcrumbs

Hare fried in breadcrumbs
Hare 110 marinade 75, lard 4, 75 broth, onions 25, dry red wine 10, bay leaf and cloves 0.02, 10 flour, eggs 8, 20 white bread, vegetable fat for frying 12, garnish 100, 150 cucumbers or tomatoes, 80 peppers.

Hind legs and back of hare, seasoned, marinated, fried in lard in Ovens. Then put in a saucepan, pour the broth, cooked meat from the bones, add the marinade (20 g per serving), red wine, browned onions, bay leaf and simmer.The finished meat is removed from the broth to give it a little cool, cut into portions and store up to cooking in a sealed container.The broth in which tushilos meat, season with dried as for sauces, wheat flour, boiled for 10 to 15 minutes and strain. Keep on the steam table in a sealed container.
For 10-15 minutes before serving pieces of cooked meat sprinkled with salt and pepper, breaded in flour and then moistened raw egg, wheat bread crumbs. Fry in fat (fried), and warm in ovens. 
Serve with fried potatoes, fried fresh mushrooms. You can submit as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce. The hare sauce in a gravy boat to file.


  1. We enjoy a good fried rabbit (hare)

  2. This sounds good! I would love to try it. Have you ever thought of adapting these "luxury" recipes to family servings? It would make a great cookbook!


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