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Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Cod stuffed in crayfish sauce

Cod stuffed in crayfish sauce

Cod stuffed in crayfish sauce
90 fish, quenelles weighing 80, 30 mushrooms, crawfish 2 pcs., 150 garnish sauce 75.

Ingredients for the quenelles mass
1 kg of fish fillets take 100 g of white bread, 500 g of cream or milk, 20 g salt, 110 g of egg whites.
Quenelles. Fish fillets without skin, cut into pieces and soaked in milk, wheat stale bread (crusts trimmed with pre) passed three - four times through a meat grinder. The ground mass is mixed with raw egg whites and whisk well by hand or by machine, pouring a little milk or cream. The greater the mass of fluff, so it becomes more elaborate. Sol are placed at the end of whipping.
Fish fillets without skin and bones cut into strips 3-4 cm wide and 20-25 cm long. Each tape lubricate the raw fish knelnoy weight (p. 282) or to release it from the paper tubes. The tape roll to roll.

Prepared to put the fish in a saucepan, close oiled paper, pour a little broth and simmered in Ovens. Before serving, put the mushrooms on a fish, crayfish, and the side of the fish - boiled potatoes. Pour white sauce with crayfish butter sauce or capers.


  1. So simple to do. Takes some time but totally worth it when sitting down for a meal.

  2. I have never had crayfish. They aren't easy to find here. This sounds yummy!


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