Soviet cooking

Almost forgotten recipes from past time
Rare Soviet cookbook published 1955 in the USSR

Recipes of seasonal soups

Soup of assorted vegetables

Cabbage 40, 80 potatoes, 20 carrots, turnips 20, parsley 10, onion 10, 10 leeks, peas 15, beans (pods) 15, 40 tomatoes, butter 10, greens.
Carrots, parsley, leeks and onions chop into strips and fry in the fat. Cabbage and bean sprout chop; pods peas, if they are large, cut diagonally into 2-3 pieces. Cut the potatoes into cubes or slices, tomatoes — sliced.
In the boiling broth or water, put the cabbage and bring to a boil. Add remaining vegetables taking into account timing of the cooking. Cook the soup for 25-30 minutes. 5-10 minutes before end of cooking, put the chopped tomatoes and salt.
In soup, cooked with water, add milk (200 g) or serve it with sour cream (10 g) and greens.

Zucchini soup with fresh mushrooms

Fresh porcini mushrooms 85, 100 zucchini, potatoes 50, carrots 20, parsley 5, celery 5, green onion 15, 40 tomatoes, butter 10, sour cream 10, greens.
Potatoes and zucchini cut into slices thickness of about 0.5 cm Roots, cut into slices and sauteing on fat, 2-3 minutes before the end of frying add green onion, sliced 2-2,5 cm Prepared mushrooms to chop, put in boiling broth or water and cook for 20-30 minutes, add fry roots, potatoes and cook for 15-20 minutes. 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, put zucchini, tomatoes and salt.
Serve with sour cream and greens. The soup can be cooked with milk (200 g).

Cauliflower soup

80 cauliflower, leek 30, 80 potatoes, green peas canned 20, butter 10, sour cream 10.
Leek (white part) slice lengthwise into pieces with a length of 2.5—3 cm and slightly fry with oil. In the boiling broth or water, put the prepared onion, cauliflower and potatoes sliced into strips. 5 minutes before end of cooking, add canned green peas and parsley leaves.
The soup can be served with sour cream or egg-milk mixture or cook it with milk.

Corn recipes

Baked corn

Corn cob 1-2, melted butter or bacon 5, butter 15.
Corn on the cob, cleaned of leaves, put in a single row on a baking sheet greased with a small amount of melted butter or bacon fat, and put in a highly heated (300° C) oven. As soon as the ears on top are slightly browned, they need to flip to the other side and again fry.
Serve with a slice of butter.

Corn souffle

1 corn on the cob, 100 sauce, eggs 1.5 pcs., milk 10, butter 10, cheese 20.
In thick milk hot sauce to add at continuous stirring raw egg yolks, pre-mixed with milk, grated cheese and fresh cooked grain (cobs) of corn. 15 minutes before serving in weight to enter whipped in a dense foam egg proteins and gently stir. To put weight on a greased pan portioned, smooth the surface, brush with beaten egg, sprinkle with grated cheese, drizzle with oil and bake in hot ovens or grill until golden brown.
Serve immediately after baking.

Corn fried in dough

1 corn on the cob, fat for deep-frying 10;
For the dough: flour 20, sunflower oil 5, milk 20 eggs 1/2 pcs.;
For the salad: fresh tomatoes 75, sunflower oil 5, 3% vinegar 5, pepper.
The lactic ripeness corn cob boiled in salted water, clean of leaves, dipped in liquid unleavened dough and fry in deep fat to form on the surface golden brown.
For the dough, egg yolks rubbed with oil, add milk (or water) in which pre-dissolved salt. Pour the sifted flour, stir well, and then enter firmly beaten egg whites, and again stir slightly.
Serve immediately after frying. Separately serve a tomato salad.

Corn with green peas

Corn 75, 75 peas, milk 150, butter 15, flour 5, sugar 5.
Grains of corn lactic ripeness boiled in milk until soft, then add to them fresh green boiled or canned warmed with butter peas. Season with salt and sugar and thicken with flour mixed with butter.


At 100 kg of cabbage requires 2.5 kg of salt, carrot 4 kg, 9 kg of apples, cranberries or cowberries 3.5 kg, 0.5 kg of cumin. Loss on sauerkraut is 12%.

Cabbage clean from green, contaminated or damaged leaves and cut off the outer part of the stem. Peeled cabbages shred or chop, depending on what type of cabbage prepared - shredded or chopped.
When cabbage filling in the well-steamed and washed barrels each layer of cabbage height of about 5-7 cm is necessary to pour salt and compacted. To give a better taste to cabbage add chopped carrots, apples, cranberries or cowberries, cumin.
You can add the cabbage and beets, which also improves the taste of cabbage, but paints it in pink color.
Filled barrel should cover washed green cabbage leaves and a clean white cloth. Cover with a wooden circle, and on him the yoke - thoroughly washed stones cobblestone weight of approximately 10% to the weight of cabbage.
When the cabbage and settles on the wooden circle appears brine height of 10-15 cm, necessary to reduce the pressure.
Formed on the surface of the brine foam has to be removed, and the edges of the barrel wipe thoroughly with a clean towel. As fermentation oppression, put on a wooden circle, should be reduced, but in such a way that cabbage all the time was covered by a brine layer at least 10 cm.
Cabbage fermentation lasts about 20 days at a room temperature of about 14°C. Fermented cabbage should be stored at a temperature of from 0 to 3°C.
You can also cook the cabbage in a pan or other suitable container taking the appropriate proportions of the ingredients.


Rusks pudding

Vanilla rusks 40, 80 milk, eggs 20, 15 sugar, raisins 15, butter 5;
For the sauce: 10 dried apricots, sugar 15.
Vanilla rusks cut into pieces in the shape of squares, put in a bowl, pour the hot milk, close the bowl with a lid and leave for 15 minutes to swell. Raisins to sort through and rinse thoroughly. Egg yolks rubbed with sugar, beat the whites until a thick foam. The cooked from raw egg yolks and sugar mixture is put raisins, rusks, stir, and then enter the beaten egg whites and the second time stir gently. The prepared mixture bake in greased forms. When serving the pudding, top with sauce of apricots.
To prepare the sauce, dried apricots, rinsed, put in a saucepan and cover with cold water. After 2-3 hours, when the apricots will swell, boil them in same water in which they were soaked. When cooking, the pan should be closed with a lid. Cooked apricots to wipe through a fine sieve, put in a pot or deep saucepan, add sugar and while stirring with a spatula to cook on low heat so that the sauce doesn't burn.

Pudding with apples from wheat bread

80 wheat bread, 20 eggs, milk 80, 60 apples, sugar 20, vanilla 1/10 sticks, butter 5;
For the sauce: 10 dried apricots, sugar 15.
Wheat bread (no crust) cut into cubes with a size of 3-4 mm, put in a saucepan and pour warm boiled milk. Apples (best variety 'Antonovka') cleaned, cut into slices and mix with the prepared bread. A further process (preparation of eggs etc.) act just like when making rusks pudding.
When serving the pudding, pour the apricot sauce.

Apple pudding with nuts

65 apples, milk 100, egg 20, 15 sugar, walnuts (kernel) 25, 8 semolina, butter 5;
For the sauce: 10 dried apricots, sugar 15.
Peeled and slightly dried in ovens walnuts through a meat grinder, put in a saucepan, pour the milk and cook for a few minutes, stirring with a wooden spatula. After that, pour in the milk semolina again bring to a boil and then stop heating. In the prepared mixture put the egg yolks rubbed with sugar, diced apples, add a little salt, mix, enter whipped whites and again carefully mix. Mass divided into molds, greased with butter, and cook in a water bath.
Served with sweet sauce (apricot, whipped eggs with sugar and etc).

Salted cucumbers and tomatoes

Salted cucumbers

For small pickling cucumbers per 10 l of water take 600 g of salt, for salting large — 700 g. Per 100 kg of cucumbers put 3 kg of dill, 0.5 kg of horseradish (root), 0.3 kg of garlic, 50 g fresh green bitter pepper, 0,5 kg tarragon.

For saltling cucumbers initially sorted, throwing overripe and damaged or irregularly shaped cucumbers. Selected cucumbers sorted by size. It recommended each batch (small, large, medium) salt in a separate container. Thereafter, cucumber wash and prepare spices - fennel and tarragon, horseradish (root), garlic, green bitter pepper, peel them and cut into pieces about 5 cm long.
On the bottom of the well steamed and washed the barrels, with a capacity of approximately 100 liters, put a layer of mixed spices and then the cucumbers as tightly as possible, preferably in a vertical position. In the middle of the barrel to put a second layer of spices and filling barrels of cucumbers to cover the third layer of spice.
Barrel close the upper bottom. Then drill a hole through which to pour the brine, and then close the hole wooden cork. If the cucumber for fermentation and storage shall be left in place salting, instead of capping put on top of a wooden circle with a small load.
During fermentation turns the natural decline of cucumbers in the amount of 6% by weight of fresh cucumber. For storage of pickles best temperature is 0-3 °.
In the non-refrigerated storage cucumber fermentation ends in 30 days and refrigerated - in 50-60 days.

Salted tomatoes

To prepare the brine for pouring brown and green tomatoes for every 10 liters of water (depending on their size) taken from 700 to 800 grams of salt and to fill the red tomatoes take 800- 1000 g of salt. Spices per 100 kg tomatoes: 1.5 kg dill, 1 kg black currant leaves, 0.5 kg horseradish leaves.

For salting tomatoes can take a different stage of maturity: green, brown, red. Top quality tomatoes are obtained by salting them in the stage of lactic ripeness and brown tomatoes.
Salting green and brown tomatoes with the addition of spices (fennel, cayenne pepper, black currant leaf and horseradish), and ripe tomatoes - without spices. Before salting the tomatoes must be sorted not only according to their degree of maturity, but also in size, and each grade salting, as much as possible, in a separate container.
When sorting the tomatoes to remove the stalk, then wash and put in a tight and well-washed steamed barrel. At the bottom of the barrel and the middle layer of tomatoes, as well as the top lay a mixture of spices. If the barrels to store tomatoes you want to move to the basement or another location, then it is necessary to continue to act, as stated above.

Beans recipes

Beans croquets

Beans 100, roots and onions 5, 40 eggs, milk sauce 50, white bread 20, 8 flour, oil for frying 15, 75 sauce or sour cream 30, pepper, parsley 10.
Beans boiled in water with roots and onions. Then, drain the broth, pass it through a wiper machine, and if it is a little - rub through a sieve. In the cooked puree add the hot thick milk sauce, raw egg yolks, salt, pepper and mix well. Cut the mass on the balls (croquets) the size of a walnut, which are breaded in flour first, and then moisten in egg white, again breaded in crumbs of white bread. Fry the croquettes in oil, heated to 170-180° (deep-fried), and then remove them from the fat with a slotted spoon to paper towel and drain off excess fat. Then warm up in the oven.
When submitting put hot croquettes on a plate or platter covered with paper towel and decorate with chopped parsley, deep fried. Separately in a gravy boat submit tomato sauce, red wine, sour cream or yogurt. The croquettes can also be used as a side dish with grilled meat, poultry and wildfowl.

Beans vol-au-vent with mushrooms

100 beans, eggs 20, 30 bacon, mushrooms 75, tongue or ham 20, 30 sauce, butter and lard for 5, 10 cheese, 10 roots and onions, pepper.
Boil white beans in water with onions and roots until tender, drain the broth and skip the hot together with roots and onions through the wiper machine or rub through a sieve. To this puree add the with salt, pepper, raw egg yolk and mix well. At the a la carte dish or pan, put two thin, wide slices of smoked bacon cooked without skin. Puree beans to put in a pastry bag with a tapered metal tube at the end and release it on each slice of bacon, so to get the oval boxes; boxes filled with minced mushrooms and cooked ham or roast beef, sprinkle with grated cheese, pour the melted butter and bake in the ovens to form on the surface of golden brown. To prepare the stuffing of porcini mushrooms or champignon and boiled salty the tongue or low fat ham, diced (7-8 mm), fry in melted lard, add the red sauce and to boil.
Vol-au-vent serve in the same dish in which they are baked.

Beans with braised beets

50 beans, beets 80, 5 vegetable oil, 3 vinegar 9%, sour-cream sauce with onions 75, greens.
Raw red beets clean, cut into cubes about the size of 8-10 mm, put in a bowl, add melted butter and water (0.1 l water per 1 kg beet), cover and simmer until beets are tender. In prepared beets add a little vinegar to the color of her became brighter, and stir. The beans are cooked, drain the broth, mix beans with braised beets and season the mixture with sour cream sauce with onions. When serving, put on a plate or in a porcelain bowl, sprinkle with parsley or dill.

Beans with apples

100 beans, fresh apples 50, melted butter 10, sugar 10, flour 4, 50 sauce, pepper.
Fresh sour apples washed, cut lengthwise into quarters, remove the seeds, cut into thin slices and cook with melted butter and sugar. Cook the beans in water and drain the broth. This broth and flour, fry in butter, cook the sauce of medium thickness, season it to taste with salt and pepper. Then the beans, sauce and apples combine, mix and cook together for 10-15 minutes. Serve hot. Separately to this dish can be fed into a gravy boat rusks sauce.
To make it, melt the butter, add the toasted bread crumbs, citric acid or lemon juice, salt and stir.

Recipes of Georgian cuisine

Pastirma (Marinated beef)

Beef (fillet) 310, 40 onions, wine vinegar 10, 5 melted butter, spices, garnish 150.
Fillet or meat cut into cubes (30 grams), add the chopped onion, salt, black pepper, white wine vinegar, bay leaf, allspice, stir and marinate in pottery 2-3 days. After the meat strung on a skewer and roast over wood coals. During frying the meat periodically lubricate the melted butter.
Garnish the same as that of a Caucasian barbecue.

Chachochbili (Chicken with herbs)

230 Duck or pheasant, or chicken 220, 205 turkey or goose 250, melted butter 20, 100 onion, tomato puree 20 or fresh tomatoes 40, 5 flour, white table wine or wine vinegar 10, 20 lemon, herbs 10 different spices.
For the sauce: 500 Broth, 50 butter, flour 25, 40 carrots, onions 40, parsley (root) 30, tomato puree 500, 10 sugar, citric acid, 0.5, 1 peppercorn, bay leaf 0.5., the wine dry white 100, butter 70.
Fried flour in butter (keep white color), dilute broth, then add the browned onions with vegetables and tomato puree, sugar, citric acid, pepper, bay leaf, salt and cook for 25-30 minutes. Ready tomato sauce strain and heat to boiling, pour into it the grape dry white wine and season with butter.
Portion pieces of poultry or wildfowl fry and stew with saute onions in tomato sauce, of wine or wine vinegar, lemon juice and herbs (tarragon, cilantro, parsley) to readiness.

Satsivi (Poultry with walnut sauce)

Chicken, duck, turkey, goose 200, 150 Satsivi.
For the sauce: Broth 450, melted butter or chicken fat 100, walnuts (core) 200, onion 300, flour 30, eggs (yolks) 5 pcs., garlic 30, wine vinegar 100, cloves 2 cinnamon 2, red pepper.
Finely chopped onion fry lightly with oil or grease, remove from chicken broth, then add flour and continue sauteing for a few minutes, stirring with a wooden spatula. In this mass pour the hot strained broth and simmer for 10-15 minutes at the boil. Crush walnut core with garlic, add the crushed cloves, cinnamon, red pepper, egg yolks, vinegar. Rub the mass of wooden spatula and stirring, heating, adding the prepared mixture, not boiling. Ready sauce to cool.
Boiled poultry cut into portions 2 pieces (fillets and leg). You can boiled until half-cooked bird to lightly roast it in the oven. Serve a cold, with satsivi sauce.

Chikhirtma (Traditional Georgian soup)

Chicken 135 or lamb 115, eggs 1 pcs., butter or melted butter 15, wheat flour 5, 40 onions, wine vinegar 10, 0.05 saffron, coriander.
Chopped onion fry in butter or melted butter, add the flour and continue sauteing 2-3 minutes, dilute broth, boil and set aside; then gradually introduce the egg yolks, mixed with tincture of saffron, vinegar and chopped fresh cilantro. To the yolk is not curled, seasoned soup is not boiling.
When applied to the portion put 2-3 pieces of chicken or lamb and sprinkle with herbs.

Russian kissels

Apple kissel

45 apples, sugar 24, 8 starch, citric acid of 0.2.
Fresh apples carefully washed, cut into thin slices, put in a bowl, pour hot water, add citric acid and cook for 15 to 25 minutes (depending on apples varieties). After the apples are well boiled, strain the broth through a sieve with small cells, apples wipe, combine with broth, add sugar, stir and heat to boiling, brewing, starch. The finished kissel to cool before serving.

Almond kissel

40 sweet almonds, bitter almonds 3, 25 sugar, starch 10.
Almonds to sort, put in a bowl, pour boiling water, cover and leave for 10-12 minutes. After that, the almonds drain in a sieve, not allowing it to cool, peel, rinse, and then grind in a mortar, gradually adding water until a doughy mass. The resulting mass is diluted with cold boiled water and carefully squeeze through cheesecloth. Pomace is secondary grind in a mortar, to re-dissolve the mass with water and squeeze.
Cooked almond milk heated to boiling, dissolve in it the sugar, then the milk to enter pre-diluted with cold almond milk and strained starch, stir well and again heat to boiling. The finished kissel pour into a La carte dishes, sprinkle with sugar and cool.

Rose hips kissel

Dried rose hips 8, 24 sugar, starch 10, citric acid of 0.2.
Dried rose hips to sort, wash in cold water, put in a bowl, pour hot water, cover and leave for 15 minutes to swell. Then the rose hips and cook in the same water until tender. Ready broth drain. Rose hips through a sieve, combine with broth, add sugar, citric acid, heated to boiling, to connect with starch and cool.

Milk kissel

180 milk, sugar 20, starch 15, vanillin 0.2. For the syrup: cranberry 5, sugar 10.
Milk strain through cheesecloth, pour into a bowl, heat to boiling and dissolve the sugar in it. Once the milk boils, the heating to stop. In hot milk to pour pre-diluted with cold milk and strained starch and, with continuous stirring and low heat to cook for 3-4 minutes. The finished kissel, flavoured with vanilla, pour into a La carte dishes, sprinkle with sugar and cool.
When submitting a form to put kissel on the bowls and pour berry syrup.

Red wine kissel

Wine 80, water 100, sugar 28, 10 starch, citric acid of 0.2.
Red wine pour in a bowl, dilute with hot water, dissolve in the liquid sugar and heated to boiling. To improve the taste in the syrup, you can add citric acid. Brew starch and cool the kissel in the usual way.

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